Removing Wallpapers as a Powerful Remodeling Catalyst

If you’ve been living in the same house for a long period of time, it is natural for you to want to remodel. However, remodeling is a time consuming and potentially expensive process. This makes most people postpone remodeling and renovating plans indefinitely.

What a lot of people do not realize is that something as simple as changing the wallpaper can beat out the visual monotony and give a fresh look to your house. Hiring a home remodeling jacksonville nc service can help you get the result that you want, but you can do the following things to get the job done yourself.

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Preparing to change the wallpaper

Changing wallpapers is a damp and sticky task. Therefore, you must cover all electrical outlets with insulating tape. You should also cover the floor with baseboards since taking off wallpaper glue gets messy.

You must have a filed metal putty knife so that the sharp edge doesn’t accidentally gauge the drywall. You will also need a pair of gloves, arms of steel and the will to get yourself into an enormous mess.

Removing wallpaper

To remove the border of a wallpaper, run your metal putty knife over it till you’re able to identify the spot an end.

Gently try to peel the paper off. In case it is stuck to the wall, use a wallpaper scoring tool to create small cuts on the wallpaper. Use hot water and soap to dampen the wallpaper since it might have to be scrubbed off from the wall if it still doesn’t peel off. 

Removing the glue that might stay behind requires meticulous scrubbing of the wall with hot soapy water.


The point of removing wallpapers is to ensure that you will have to paint or repaper the wall for the room to become reusable. Make sure that proper precautions and safety measures are followed, and let the remodeling begin.