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3 Natural Oils to Deter Ticks

Ticks are so common throughout the world that it is likely many people have already had an encounter with one at some point in their lives. These insects can be picked up while you are spending time outdoors, especially in wooded areas, making it imperative to take precautions to keep ticks from biting you and from staying attached once they have bitten you.

There are numerous types of ticks, but there are also numerous natural ways to deter ticks from latching onto you.

Cedar Oil Spray

Cedar oil can be a good option for households when it comes to residential tick control commerce city because it is nontoxic and can be used to protect both pets and humans from being bitten. It not only repels ticks, it kills them. You can find this oil in various stores and online, allowing you to keep your household safe.

Neem Oil

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Neem oil may not smell the best but it is an excellent bug repellent and can be used to deter tick bites and remove them from skin. You may consider diluting neem oil with a carrier oil, which makes it safer to use on skin and allows you to use it on pets. You can also apply neem oil directly to an attached tick and it will remove itself.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is a very effective way to repel ticks and kill them. Dilute the oil in water and transfer your solution into a spray bottle, which can then be used on skin and clothing to keep ticks away from household members. You may also use this solution on pets, but it must be diluted properly in water beforehand.

These oils can make the outdoors less dangerous and keep your family from getting tick bites when they’re enjoying the outside air.